For about three seconds there, the Warner Bros. attempt to carbon-copy Marvel’s success with The Avengers seemed full-steam ahead, with the Man of Steel film set to lead to a Justice League (featuring a team up between Superman, a new Batman, and various other DC Comics superheroes), and the Justice League film acting as a reboot for a new Batman franchise.  However, increasing reports of trouble with the Justice League project have given way to rumors that it may be abandoned, and that the Batman reboot will be held off until at least 2020.

Warner Bros. has become increasingly cautious with the project—last month, it was noted they would only move forward with The Justice League if (and only if) Man of Steel was a hit.  Then, just last week, it was announced that Warner Bros. had entirely ditched Will Beall’s script for the team-up film.

Now, reports are coming from Batman on Film (via Total Film) stating that if Man of Steel is a hit, Warner Bros. will first work to convert that success into a Superman trilogy before focusing on a Justice League film, and hold off on a Batman reboot until around 2020.  However, if Man of Steel bombs, Warner Bros. will re-focus all of their energy on spinning more gold from Batman and immediately reboot the Bat-franchise.  Regardless, it seems more and more like The Justice League is no longer top priority at Warner Bros.

What do you think of the Justice League news?