Tony Stark/Iron Man has had enough time in the spotlight. It’s time for another major character in Iron Man 3 to get his/her own poster. So the fine folks over at Marvel have thrown Don Cheadle on the latest poster.

Seriously, what’s the fascination with trying to show heroes emerging from some sort of fiery wreckage? We see Don Cheadle striking a knowing heroic pose, looking off to the side. You can argue that he’s doing the cool guy who doesn’t look at explosions thing, which is awesome. If War Machine/Iron Patriot has his own poster, we’d imagine that Don Cheadle will be playing an even bigger role in the upcoming sequel.

Now let’s inspect the costume itself. It upsets us when the folks who photoshop heads onto CG designed costumes go ahead and have the person’s face be more defined than the rest of his clothing, in this case being the Iron Patriot suit. At least use the sharpen button and make his outfit look more distinct. It just makes the picture appear a little bit awkward when they pull stunts like this. Still, it’s nice to see a non-Tony Stark photo and Cheadle looks particularly striking and powerful in the poster. We can’t wait to see him waste some more bad guys alongside Iron Man. Wonder if they’ll give Pepper Potts her own poster too. Check out the new poster below.

What do you think of the latest Iron Man 3 poster?

Source: Slashfilm