With the recent launch of House of Cards, and the upcoming season of Arrested Development, Netflix has been advancing their game plan of having just as much television as a regular station, or at least a basic cable channel. Their latest acquisition is a spin-off of the movie Turbo, which hasn’t even hit theaters yet.

Turbo doesn’t even hit theaters until July 19, which means that Netflix is in a betting mood. Then again, big studio animated features have been one of the most successful genres of late if one discounts the off-brand product, like the upcoming films like Escape from Planet Earth. Though what may make this more challenging is that it’s DreamWorks first film with 20th Century Fox, as previously their home was at Paramount. DreamWorks proper is now at Disney, while the animation is at Fox, and they’re coming off the bruising that came with Rise of the Guardians, which underperformed at the box office (but still made over a hundred million domestic and nearly three hundred million worldwide).

If you aren’t familiar with Turbo, here’s the trailer:

The show would be called Turbo: F.A.S.T. and would focus on the spin-off characters from the movie. It will hit Netflix around December, which means it would be timed to start streaming just as Turbo hits home video. Obviously, Netflix and DreamWorks are betting that the supporting characters will have the same pull as the penguins from Madagascar and the Minions from Despicable Me.

Is it just us or is the most notable thing about the Turbo trailer that they use the music from Drive?