Pixar continues to roll out the sequels to some of their biggest hits, despite what some fans and critics want. Today they moved just a step closer into production as they got Albert Brooks to voice Marlin, the high-strung clown fish, once again in Finding Nemo 2. But that’s not the only deal that Disney is making as they may give Andrew Stanton a second chance at directing a live-action feature.

First, let’s talk about Albert Brooks doing the voice of Marlin again. As you may or may not know, Ellen DeGeneres already signed up to voice the ditzy fish Dory for the sequel… last year. Word has it Disney had to shell out a substantial amount of cash in order to bring Albert Brooks back on board. Hey, it’s not like the company doesn’t have the money to do so.

Now onto Andrew Stanton, better known for his work on Finding Nemo than the critically panned John Carter. Many would believe that Stanton’s career as a major live-action director for Disney was done for, but apparently that’s not the case. Disney still absolutely loves Stanton, and because of that they’re willing to ignore the massive failure that John Carter was and let him try again. It’s highly doubtful that they’ll let Stanton do a sequel, but he’ll be working on some sort of live-action film once Finding Nemo 2 is over and done with.

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Source: Slashfilm