If you like you big-budget modern studio epics to be tonal mishmashes that blend cartoon-y CGI with bad rock ‘n roll, occasional Inception-y horn blasts, and loud, overbearing action sequences, well, do we ever have the trailer for you: the newest preview for Jack the Giant Slayer, which, more than anything else, may leave people wondering how the hell director Bryan Singer managed to pull off X2 when his action movie instincts seem to hew far closer to the this and Superman Returns’ joyless, CGI-heavy bombast.  But hey, it’s got really big giants in it who climb down from the sky via a really tall plant, so there’s that, right?

Given the fact that this film was pushed back several months from its original release date stinks of studio retooling, and this most recent trailer doesn’t exactly come with the smell of freshness and originality.  But maybe you’ll like it, who knows:

Jack the Giant Slayer tells the story of Jack (Nicholas Hoult) who accidentally restarts and ancient war between humanity and giants when he opens a beanstalk gateway to the giants’ realm (sigh).  Eventually, there is a an obligatory love interest (sigh sigh), who of course becomes put in danger by the giants and only Jack can save the day despite all the odds and sigh sigh sigh.

Jack the Giant Slayer is set for a March 1st release.

What do you think of the trailer?

Source: /Film