There’s no getting around it. Melissa McCarthy is now a movie star and Identity Thief is a monster hit. Storm or no storm, people turned out in droves for this film.While Side Effects, supposedly Steven Soderbergh‘s swan song from filmmaking, did modest business.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Identity Thief $36,593,000 $11,650 $36,593,000
2 Warm Bodies $11,500,000 (-43.5%) $3,822 $36,652,000
3 Side Effects $10,015,000 $3,845 $10,015,000
4 Silver Linings Playbook $6,908,000 (-10.7%) $2,459 $90,002,000
5 Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters $5,750,000 (-39.0%)
$1,750 $43,833,000
6 Mama $4,323,000 (-34.4%) $1,615 $64,046,000
7 Zero Dark Thirty $4,000,000 (-22.7%) $1,561 $83,600,000
8 Argo $2,500,000 (+23.2%) $1,779 $123,734,000
9 Django Unchained $2,288,000 (-23.8%) $1,523 $154,501,000
10 Bullet to the Head $1,980,000 (-56.5%) $824 $8,171,000

Identity Thief suggests that McCarthy will be raising her quote shortly. As the film supposedly cost around $35 Million, they’re going to make money on this one. Critics by and large hated on the film, so it will be interesting to see if it’s a picture that regular audiences like, or if they went to see it because they like the stars, but didn’t know how bad it was. You can never tell what audiences think with opening weekend numbers, because the ads got them in. But if people responded to the marketing, they got the movie they came for.

Side Effects was probably cheap, and those numbers suggest they did about what was expected. If audiences liked it, maybe it does $30-$40 Million, otherwise, expect a $25 million total.

Warm Bodies is still doing well, though it should top out a little over $50 Million, with a possible $60 Million cume. But with the Oscars looming, the frame is still dominated by the holdovers. Silver Linings is making $100 Million, while Zero Dark Thirty will probably miss that total, unless it wins big (odds are it won’t). Argo bounced back into the top ten, and Django will close out its run around $160 Million, but with a worldwide total currently over $340 Million, it’s easily Quentin Tarantino‘s most successful film ever.

Reality Check: I thought the storm and the review would kill Identity Thief. I was wrong.

What did you watch this weekend?