It’s all about Ann in the appropriately titled “Ann’s Decision”, the latest episode of Parks and Recreation. Other stuff happens, but it’s Ann Perkins on center stage.

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The Players:

Episode Title: “Ann’s Decision”

Ann tries to get to know herself as Leslie meddles in one of her biggest life decisions. Meanwhile, things go south when Ben enlists the guys to help choose a caterer for the wedding.

The Good:

  • Ann Perkins: The big Ann/Baby storyline worked and delivered some funny scenes, notably Nick Kroll returning to rock some screen time as Howard Tuttleman/The Douche. And he happened to be quite funny. Enjoyed the Oatmeal Ann / Catfish Ann bit as well in the cold open.
  • Literally Just A Small Calzone: The guys picking the food for the wedding plot had some choice moments, especially when Ron, Chris, and Ben were dying of food poisoning.
  • Andy: The funny riff on Fleetwood Mac Sex Pants was a definite highlight.
  • April: Her plot delivered some laughs, especially the journey through Leslie’s closet of forum-appropriate clothing – featuring many fine items by Ms. Ann Taylor.
  • Jean-Ralphio: Only on the show in spirit, but love the idea of a Jean-Ralphio catering company.
  • Best Moment: Ben dialing the phone on the floor with his nose.
  • Best Line: Tom: “Drizzle it on for me, I’m not your maid.”
  • Best Line II: Ron: “Is a gerbel marrying a rabbit?”
  • Best Line III: Donna: “This one is terrible, but it’s slightly less terrible than the rest.”

The Bad:

  • Donna: Not enough of her! Also, more Jerry!
  • Leslie: The Ann plot lost steam right at the close, right around the time Leslie jumped into the tub of jello.


“Ann’s Decision” might not make it into the top ten best, but it still had plenty of damn funny moments. And that is what is so great about the show – even when an episode is just rolling along, not being terribly awesome, it’s still so good. A couple flat scenes in the episode, but nothing to take away from the fine work by the cast and writers. Nick Kroll’s The Douche character can get annoying quickly, but he had some very funny scenes, and added a little spark.


Rating: 7/10

Parks and Recreation airs on NBC at 8:30 pm (ET/PT) on Thursday nights.

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