Well, parents of young children, rejoice, for soon there will be another two hour flick to keep those kids busy for awhile—it has been announced that Night at the Museum 3 is now coming to a theater near you, and there is nothing that humanity can do to stop it.

Here’s how it works—as Cinema Blend notes, the first film, Night at the Museum, scored $574 million in global box office bucks.  Then, in 2009, director Shawn Levy, writing team Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon, and star Ben Stiller re-teamed for Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, which raked in $413 million total.  All told, we’re looking at a franchise which has grossed nearly a billion dollars in revenue for 20th Century Fox.  Translation?  Sequels upon sequels until no one shows up anymore.

As such, Night at the Museum is happening, and is set for a December 25, 2014 release date, with both Levy and Stiller returning to crank this sucker out (no word yet on Garant and Lennon’s status).

The franchise deals with a divorced father working as a night watchman in a museum in which the exhibits come alive.

What do you think of the Museum news?