After seeing the success of The Avengers, Warner Brothers wanted to get in on that game and so they’ve been talking up Justice League as their version of last summer’s $600 Million dollar hit. And in some ways they have it easier. Iron Man and Thor don’t (or didn’t) have the name recognition of Superman and Batman. But it looks like their plans are falling apart.

Badass Digest is reporting that Warner Brothers is unhappy with the script that Will Beall has been writing. Not helping matters is that Beall wrote Gangster Squad, which died at the box office. But his version has reportedly been scrapped. Even if Badass Digest is wrong, Warner Brothers has admitted they don’t know if they’re moving forward or not — of last reporting were waiting to see if Man of Steel was a huge hit before going into production

Say what you will about the movies, but Marvel had a game plan in mind, even if the Samuel L. Jackson credit sting in Iron Man was a hail Mary pass (no one was sure that Iron Man would work until it made $300 Million at the box office). They built to The Avengers with hard work. Whereas Warner Brothers has no official Batman (no matter what’s been said about Joseph Gordon-Levitt), and they have no idea if their new Superman movie will be a hit or not. Add to that the under-performance of The Green Lantern, and you can see they don’t have the body of work to draw on.

It feels like they wanted to build a house without starting with the walls, and so if this is their goal, and if they want to do their Justice League movie, it seems like they should start over (or use Man of Steel as their Iron Man), and build their new characters first before bringing them together. If you’re going to chase someone’s success, it would make sense to follow their formula.

But if they do go forward with JL, they have an unenviable task. It would be nice if they could bring in a writer (or writer/director) who wouldn’t be subjected to a heavy noting process, but this is more commerce than art, so whomever they do bring in is going to be subjected to the whims of the studio. It’s possible that Beall’s script was sabotaged by that insecurity. Expect Warner Brothers to issue a statement in the near future.

How should Warner Brothers proceed with a Justice League movie?