Die Hard: An original, entertaining 1980s action film that featured a memorable villain and a unique conceit: a scrawny (for the 1980s) action hero who didn’t want to be a hero, and who spent most of the movie hiding in ventilation ducts.  Die Hard II Die Harder: A miscalculation, but entertaining in a brainless way, simply because it copies the structure of the perfect original.  Die Hard with a Vengeance:  Unnecessary, but hey, it made up for the first sequel by featuring another excellent villain, and featured an entertaining turn by Samuel L. Jackson—and a perfect way to end the franchise.  Live Free or Die Hard: Bruce Willis basically giving a giant, CGI, PG-13 middle finger to every fan of the franchise.  Which brings us to A Good Day to Die Hard, the newest installment in the balding franchise, in which John McClane and his kid fight Russia.  Or something.  And as if that were not enough, Willis has now confirmed Die Hard 6 is in development.

Yes, Die Hard 6 is happening, although it will likely be given some pseudo-clever like Die To Make the Donuts Hard or The Die Hard is Cast or Die Hard 6: Screw  It—Look, Willis Shows, Up, Smirks, Kills Some European terrorists with One of His Kids, What More Do You Want?

According to /Film, Willis confirmed the news during an interview with the BBC’s One Show, in which, when asked if a sixth film would happen, Willis smirked and said, “yes.”

Sigh.  So there you go Die Hard fans.  A good day to die hard, indeed.

What do you think of the Die Hard news?