In some way you’ve become a Christopher McQuarrie fan over the years. The man has written a number of great scripts for a variety of movies including The Usual Suspects to Valkyrie. Now it looks like he’ll be getting yet another shot to direct a picture,but it’s not just any film. We’re talking about McQuarrie directing none other than Mission: Impossible 5.

There’s only a select few films that have spawned into action franchises, and from day one, you could tell that Mission: Impossible would be one of them. At the time of it’s release in the late nineties, it had all the right things going for it. Tom Cruise was still considered one of the biggest movie stars on the planet. The suspenseful plot, action and watchful direction of Brian De Palma was plenty enough to catapult the film into a franchise.

Now we’re creeping closer towards the production of Mission: Impossible 5, so who better than Christopher McQuarrie? He recently directed Tom Cruise in the December movie Jack Reacher. While that may not have become a mega hit like some hoped, it gave McQuarrie an advantage over other directors. Brad Bird has officially passed on the offer to take on the next movie, too busy with other commitments, but McQuarrie seems appears to be the best candidate. He let others know about the possible deal on Twitter:

Deciding to accept. “@leeroy_nitro: @chrismcquarrie G’day mate. Just wondering if your confirmed to direct Mission Impossible 5 yet?”

If McQuarrie signs up for Mission: Impossible 5, we’re fairly certain that Tom Cruise will be inclined to sign up for the next picture. Then again, that all depends on the script. Since McQuarrie is already on board to write the script, it doesn’t seem that big of a stretch to have Ethan Hunt make another appearance.

Would you like to see another Mission: Impossible movie?

Source: Slashfilm