Now we know that you’ve been gushing about how crazy great the trailers were from yesterday’s Super Bowl, but there’s one movie from that pile of trailers that wasn’t there. Even though Pacific Rim may not have been present in the commercials, it still resides in our fanboy/fangirl hearts as one of the most anticipated movies of this coming summer.

Guillermo del Toro and company were so kind enough to remind everyone of the awesome existence that is Pacific Rim in a flurry of new images. But before we unveil those photos, a few people on Twitter have already been going off about how much they absolutely love the movie. Now stop huffing and puffing right there, it was a private screening. There was no way any of us could’ve gone into there, though we would have if we were as agile as a ninja. Plenty of people have gone on Twitter, bursting with joy over what they saw. The biggest name of the group who saw it was Looper writer/director Rian Johnson who said the following:

“Go into Pacific Rim and prepare to be transmorgrified into a 12 year old. And then pee your pants with joy. I love it so much.”

Why is it not July yet? We’re not sure how much more of this waiting for Pacific Rim we can take. At least for the time being we’ve got new pictures to look at below. One of the better parts of the photos is Charlie Day’s wonderfully nerdy look. We assume he’s a normal guy just stuck in the middle of this raging monster/robot battle. Lucky guy.

What are you looking forward to the most in Pacific Rim?

Source: Slashfilm