Well the Super Bowl happened on Sunday night, meaning that it was time for our yearly dose of mega soda, potato chip, and film commercials.  One of the biggest trailers of the evening was the clip for The Lone Ranger, a film that seems worse and worse with every new glimpse of footage that we get.  Check out the trailer below.

The trailer plays exactly like you’d expect a modern-day action franchise-starter starring Johnny Depp would play: lots of action that’s sped up and then slows down to super slo-mo, some really awkward CGI that just don’t work despite an inexplicably high budget, and Johnny Depp doing his typical quirk-fest while a bland straight-man partner looks on in exasperation.  It’s like Pirates of the Caribbean, but with blue jeans and trains.

Directed by Gore Verbinksi and set for a July 3 release date, The Lone Ranger looks like it’s firmly on track to be the huge bomb of 2013—seriously, there’s no way a film that looks this obviously bad is going to be able to recoup its budget, even with Depp’s name brand and whatever success it may find in foreign markets.  Right?

What do you think of The Wild Wild West 2: The Wrath of Ranger?