Look, maybe it’s time we give up on the whole “hey, is Khan gonna be in this thing or not?” game with Star Trek Into Darkness, Paramount and J.J. Abrams, because it’s not a fight we’re winning.  Every new trailer or image only serves to confuse the matter further, so maybe we should just be patient and wait until the film’s May 17th release date to see—oh, who am I kidding?  This is the internet: a place practically invented for rumor-mongering about movie plots.  That said, we still have no idea what this movie is about.

As for the trailer, we get a few new scenes—Spock gets dramatic while standing in a volcano, Kirk stares at a lot of things glumly, and Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain has exceptional posture and brags that he is better than Kirk at everything.  Recess yard taunts aside, there’s not much of anything new here:

Still, it looks like a fun slab of shiny popcorn entertainment, gratuitous camera flares and all.  And hey, download this app and you can score tickets for select early screenings on May 15th.

But wait a minute…does that “better than you at everything” line refer to Khan being a genetically engineered superman?  Is that a clue?  Is it?

Damn you, Abrams.  Damn you.

What do you think of the latest Star Trek Into Darkness trailer?