While the Iron Man 3 extended Super Bowl teaser wasn’t really that extended (basically a goofy bit with Robert Downey Jr. mocking super-serious comic book films) we did get a look at a fairly exciting action sequence in which Iron Man attempts to save a crashing Air Force One.  Oh, yeah, and Iron Patriot shows up.  Check it out.

The Air Force One rescue sequence looks like it will be one of the main action setpieces for the film (along with the destruction of Tony Stark’s Malibu pad, which we’ve already seen), and it’s fairly entertaining, too—after the absolute mess of Iron Man 2, it looks as if Iron Man 3 might right the franchise back onto track.  Watch the trailer:

So there you have it—Tony Stark makes some jokes while a CGI Iron Man saves the day.  Nothing we haven’t seen before, but at least it looked like a lot of fun.  And hey, now we have Iron Patriot, which would be pretty cool were it not for the silly color scheme (I know, I know, it’s how it looks in the comics, I get it).

Directed by Shane Black, Iron Man 3 is set for a May 3 release.

What do you think of the trailer?