With the Super Bowl this weekend, it’s surprising that Warm Bodies made over $20 Million dollars. That’s an impressive start and it’s possible the film could play long. It’s a good example of counter-programing, which also explains why Bullet to the Head crashed and burned. Check out the weekend results below.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Warm Bodies $19,505,000 $6,482 $20,025,000
2 Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters $9,210,000 (-53.2%) $2,729 $34,463,000
3 Silver Linings Playbook $8,113,000 (-14.1%) $2,888 $80,378,000
4 Mama $6,730,000 (-48.6%) $2,420 $58,262,000
5 Zero Dark Thirty $5,300,000 (-45.4%)
$1,846 $77,798,000
6 Bullet to the Head $4,500,000 $1,872 $4,500,000
7 Parker $3,215,000 (-54.1%) $1,437 $12,440,000
8 Django Unchained $3,039,000 (-38.6%) $1,710 $150,979,000
9 Les Miserables $2,439,000 (-42.2%) $1,320 $141,523,000
10 Lincoln $2,412,000 (-37.6%) $1,374 $170,787,000

It’s too early to say if Warm Bodies made a pop culture dent or not, but it’s going to make $50 Million, which makes it a modest hit for everyone involved. It’s also good for leads Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer, who have done well in ensembles, but haven’t fronted a movie like this that’s done this well. This is the right time and place for a little picture like this. Bullet to the Head opened to less than five million, and follows The Last Stand, which could mean audiences didn’t enjoy the last Expendables movie, or they like their stars doing something familiar. If I was a producer on the upcoming Stallone/Schwarzenegger movie The Tomb, I’d be freaking out right about now.

Hansel didn’t completely collapse, which is good news for it, though it’s hard to imagine it doing more than $50 Million at this point. Mama is still doing solid business for what it is, so a $70 Million plus total is a pretty good haul. Parker was DOA last week and it’s just as DOA this week.

The rest of the films are nominees, and we’re seeing the strongest performance out of Silver Linings Playbook right now. Solid holds, it finally found its audience. It’s playing that much stronger than Zero Dark Thirty, which is starting to slow down, and may not pass the nine digit mark. We’re still three weekends away from the ceremony, so that means that all of these pictures could keep playing until then (it also helps that the competition is weak), as Lincoln fell out of the top ten last week, but now is back in. Next weekend doesn’t look very promising, so expect most of these pictures to keep hanging out in the top ten as films like Parker and Bullet plummet.

Reality Check: I underrated Warm Bodies and overrated Bullet to the Head. Oh well, that’s going to happen.

What did you watch this weekend?