One of the many perks of seeing a Disney movie at the movie theater is that you always get a delightful snack before the big meal. By that we mean the short film that comes before the feature. These clips are filled with creativity, emotion and wonderful, unique characters. Paperman, the short that debuted in front of Wreck-It Ralph last fall, was uploaded unto the web this week, and if you haven’t watched it, now’s your chance. Also, a photo of Nicolas Cage in a Superman test suit was released. And we have four new character posters featuring the cast of Oz: The Great And Powerful. All that and more below.

  • Barbra Streisand Will Sing At The Oscars: It must be raining babies because Barbra Streisand has agreed to sing at the Oscars this year. The last time she did that, disco was in style. Adele and Norah Jones are also performing. So even if the show is totally awful, we’ll get to hear some pretty spectacular singing. Source: Spin
  • Tina Fey Developing Mean Girls Musical: So what does Tina Fey plan to do now that she’s done with 30 Rock? Well develop a Mean Girls musical of course! During an interview at the SAG Awards, she revealed that she and her husband (Jeff Richmond) are working on a musical version of the movie. Is there something this lady can’t do?
  • Christoph Waltz Is Hosting SNL: A week before the Oscars (on February 16th) our man Christoph Waltz will host SNL. Get ready for the Quentin Tarantino jokes! Source: Vulture
  • Stars Hanging With Stars: One of the upsides of being a celebrity is that you get to hang with other celebrities. Unreality Magazine posted a gallery of famous people hanging with other famous people. Check it out.
  • Banshee Gets Renewed: Cinemax has renewed Banshee for a second season, which will air in 2014. The TV series stars Antony Starr as Lucas Hood, an ex-con and master thief who assumes the identity of the sheriff of Banshee, Pa., where he continues his criminal activities, even as he’s hunted by the shadowy gangsters he betrayed years earlier. Cinemax is currently airing the first season of Banshee.
  • Best Movies Of 2012 Illustrated: Artist Jonathan Burton was asked by BAFTA to draw a series of promotional prints featuring some of the best movies of the year including Lincoln, Argo and Zero Dark Thirty. The prints are pretty amazing. Check them out at Unreality Magazine.


  • Paperman: Disney uploaded Paperman, the six-minute film that debuted in front of Wreck-It Ralph, unto YouTube this week. The short blends traditional hand-draw animation with CG techniques. It has also received an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Short Film. Check it out below:

[via /Film]

  • Silver Linings Playbooks Trailer: The Weinstein Company is pushing hard for Silver Linings Playbook. In the latest trailer, real people talk about the impact the film had on their lives and why they love it. Check it out:


  • New Trance Poster: Danny Boyle‘s Trance finally got a U.S. release date. The film will hit the states on April 5th. Fox also released an awesome, colorful poster of the movie. It’s one of the best posters we’ve seen this year for sure. Check it out:

[via /Film]

  • Nicolas Cage As Superman: At one point in the 90s, Tim Burton meant to direct Nicolas Cage in a Superman movie. That never happened, obviously. But the web surprised us this week with a photo of Cage in a Superman test suit. Check it out:

[via /Film]

  • Oz The Great And Powerful Character Posters: Sam Raimi‘s Oz: The Great And Powerful is one of the biggest movies of the year. And it’s almost in theaters (March 8th). Here are four new character posters:

That’s the end of our round-up for this week. Keep checking back at ScreenCrave for more entertainment news and features.

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