Elementary may have taken a short break, but it doesn’t feel like it did. It takes “The Red Team” a little time to get going, but once it does you’re hooked. Between the case, and the conflict brewing between Holmes and Gregson, it was must see TV. 

The Players:

  • Director: Christine Moore
  • Writer(s): Robert Doherty, Jeffrey Paul King, Craig Sweeny
  • Cast: Jonny Lee MillerLucy Liu, Aidan Quinn, Jon Michael Hill, Linda Emond

Episode Title: “The Red Team”

Sherlock is temporarily suspended from consulting, but a new murder puts him back in the mix. Sherlock and the NYPD uncover a classified war game that starts a series of homicides. Meanwhile, Joan tries to mend the now shaky friendship between Sherlock and Captain Gregson.

The Good:

  • More Twists and Turns: We love how creative the writers are getting with their murder cases. We’re no longer dealing with the simple scenarios. This time around, Sherlock uncovers classified information about a war game gone wrong, and the government’s struggle to keep it quiet. There are a couple moments where our hero could have been whisked away by the government to an unknown location due to the subject matter. We like that there’s a real element of danger. If there wasn’t, it wouldn’t be as much fun.
  • Sherlock and Gregson: Gregson’s one of the few people who’ve always been in Sherlock’s corner, but not anymore. Ever since he found Sherlock ready to torture and kill murderer “M,” Gregson doesn’t want anything to do with him. Sherlock may be the smartest person he knows, but he betrayed his trust. To see Sherlock go through such an act makes Gregson nervous and sad. Aidan Quinn pulls off Gregson’s quiet frustrations perfectly, which makes the final scene between the two all the sweeter. In a subtle way, even Miller’s Sherlock shows that he’s aware of what he’s done in order to permanently alter their friendship. At the end, he looks like a puppy dog who just got scolded by its owner.
  • A Clever Resolution: Towards the end of the episode Sherlock talks his way into letting the killer give himself up. When Gregson approaches him, Sherlock confesses that he was bluffing the whole time. We like seeing that even he, out of all people, doesn’t know every thing. It makes him a bit more human.
  • Turtle: We like Sherlock’s latest sidekick, Clyde the Turtle. We’re happy he didn’t turn him into soup.

The So-So:

  • Going Into It: As mentioned earlier, the plot drags just a bit in the beginning. It’s almost as if the episode yawned and stretched for the first few minutes. It had to wake up, but once it did it was brilliant.


“The Red Team”  is another prime example of how clever writing and solid acting make for an entertaining show. We hope this trend continues for the remainder of the season.

Rating: 9/10

Elementary airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on CBS

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