Some friends get together and chat away with a cup of coffee in their hands or a plate of food in front of them. Gary King (Simon Pegg) would rather solidify the bonds of brotherhood through a massive pub crawl. Edgar Wright and company have finally dished out a couple more images for The World’s End, and we’re super happy to see them.

This Cornetto Trilogy, also known as the Blood & Ice Cream Trilogy, has been going on for years. The previous two entries in this trilogy include Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Since we’re still a few months away from the third installment, The World’s End, to be released, we’re finding out even more on the latest picture through a new series of photos. For those of you who may not know, The World’s End centers on an epic pub crawl conducted by a forty year old with the mind of an adolescent. When he convinces his childhood friends to try and go through the pub crawl again after twenty years, they not only have to deal with their own problems but that of the sudden apocalypse. That’ll put a damper on any event.

Edgar Wright sat down and talked a little bit more about the upcoming movie. When asked about concluding the Blood & Ice Cream trilogy with The World’s End, Mr. Wright had a few things to say.

Hopefully they might work like Michael Apted’s 7 Up series. And if you factor Spaced into it as well, you’ll see us getting older. But they have different concerns. I think this one is our way of wrapping up, with some formality, the man-child aspect of the series. There’s an element within all of the movies that’s about growing up. Shaun has to grow up to be a hero. In Hot Fuzz Nick Angel has to dumb down to Andy’s level to save the day. And with this one I wanted to do something where… there’s a lot of American comedies in the last 10 years that have been about man children or dealing with responsibility. But I feel that they never get too deep under the surface. They bring up some aspects but don’t delve into them very deeply. And I think here we tried to skewer those movies in a sense.

While Edgar Wright didn’t reveal all that’s going on with the end of the world aspect of the film, surely we’ll see some footage on it in due time. Check out the new series of images below.

Will you see The World’s End when it comes out in theaters?

Source: IGN / Cinema Blend