South by Southwest’s annual film festival and concert series has – like its fall cousin Fantastic Fest – become one of the coolest festivals around. Where Sundance may launch the biggest independent films of the years, and places like Cannes and Toronto highlights the best in foreign films, and preview the film’s big Oscar pictures, SXSW have carved a spot out as the one where you’re going to have the best time. And this year’s lineup is no different.

The whole list can be viewed on the festival’s official website, but there are a number of treasures to be pointed out:

That’s on top of documentaries about Stephen Hawking, Divine, John Milius, Harry Dean Stanton, Alex Winter’s film about Napster, and new films from John Sayles (Go For Sisters) and Nick Cassavetes (Yellow), and Austin-famous filmmaker Emily Hagins (Grow Up, Tony Phillips). It’s a packed festival, and we want to go there.

What – of this line up – can you not wait to see?