Generally the weekend of a Super Bowl is one of the lowest grossing box office weekends of any given year. most of the big December titles have lost their steam, and the new stuff is usually weak. There are two new films this weekend, one can be seen as counter-programing, the other, a sacrifice to the gods.

Bad news first, then. Bullet to the Head offers the return of Walter Hill to the big screen for the first time in a decade. The master director helmed such distinctive B-movie classics as The Driver, The Warriors, 48 Hrs. and Streets of Fire, but he got old and audiences became less interested in his work and the genre which he mastered. Though him working with Sylvester Stallone would be a great combination two decades ago, right now they’re following The Last Stand, which bombed. Stallone has had more luck recently, but this looks like his mulligan.Expect it to open on the edge of the top five, and then die a quick death.

Warm Bodies is the right sort of film for the weekend. It’s not appealing to anyone who might want to watch the Super Bowl, it’s a modest picture built on a high concept that is easy to sell. A Zombie falls in love. Is that and the dreamy good looks of Nicholas Hoult enough to get audiences in the door? Sure. Why not. People watched that Hansel and Gretel movie. Expect it to take the weekend, which will make it a success even if there was no real competition.

So this weekend, let’s do this:

  1. Warm Bodies - $15 Million
  2. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters - $8.3 Million
  3. Silver Linings Playbook – $7.7 Million
  4. Bullet to the Head – $7 Million
  5. Mama – $6.9 Million

Bullet could do a little more (or less) as could Warm Bodies. But the big story this weekend will be the TV spots during the game.

What are you going to watch this weekend?