For many, their most recent exposure to Annie — the musical of the old comic strip Little Orphan Annie which was turned into a movie in 1982 — was the Jay-Z song “Hand Knock Life.” So it’s fitting that Jay-Z is helping to bring Annie back to the big screen as a producer (along with Will Smith) and with Will Gluck attached to direct.

Gluck has just come on and is expected to revise the screenplay (as Variety is reporting) which was originally re-adapted by Emma Thompson (it appears that it’s that Emma Thompson) and then got a re-write by someone else. But getting a director attached, and having that be someone who’s been working with Sony for a while now (where this project is set up) means that this is likely a go project.

Though with Will and Jada Pinkett Smith on as producers, you might think that Annie has Willow “Whip My Hair” Smith’s name written all over it, unfortunately Willow is now too old for the titular role. But we wouldn’t be surprised if Mrs. Z, Beyonce Knowles, plays the evil orphan provider Miss Hannigan or the love interest for Daddy Warbucks Grace Farrell. Then again, no casting announcements have been made, and if the original idea was to do it The Wiz style, that may now be off the table without a star attached. Gluck is a serviceable, if unambitious, director, but it’s unlikely that he’ll pull a Tom Hooper with this project. For fun, here’s Jay-Z (NSFW):

Do you think the sun will come out tomorrow?