A lot of fans thought they’d never see the day when the hit series How I Met Your Mother would finally wrap up and, more importantly, reveal who this mystery woman is. All questions will finally be answered as CBS officially renews the series for it’s ninth and last season. 

Another blessing that comes with this renewal is that the entire cast will be back for the final season. For awhile there we heard murmurs that actors like Jason Segel were trying to duck their way out of the final season. Maybe the actors finally realized that the show has run its course and it’s time we finally meet the future Mrs. Mosby. Seriously, that took too long.

Within the past couple of years more fans have been complaining that the show isn’t anywhere near where it used to be when it comes to story quality, and frankly we don’t blame them for being upset over the recent condition of the show. It’s been dragging its feet for awhile, tricking the audience time and time again over which lady that next steps into Ted Mosby’s (Josh Radnor) life will finally be that one special lady he’s been talking to his kids about. The fact that they’re going to give us at least a little bit of time to really get to know who this dream woman is will certainly be a relief to many, but we’re not curious about that. We’re wondering how the kids will react when he finally gets down to the point of after they first met. We’d like to think they’d be giving their father a piece of their mind, especially since he divulged in many details about his sex life that they never really needed to know about. Gross.

Are you going to watch the last season of How I Met Your Mother?

Source: TVLine