As if Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel didn’t have enough pressure already—it’s Warner Bros/ DC Comics’ first post-The Dark Knight Trilogy comic book film, it has to live up to the first two classic Superman films (and Christopher Nolan’s Batman series), and it has to overcome the variously so-so to absolutely horrible last three Superman films—it now has the entire future of Warner Bros.’s superhero film slate on its shoulders, as its success or failure will determine whether or not a Justice League film series happens.

Warner Bros. is still currently planning on constructing a comic book franchise of films a la The Avengers and all of its satellite films, with Will Beall currently penning the script for a 2015 release.  However, Warner Bros. and DC Comics have had a rather spotty record when it comes to superhero films, The Dark Knight Trilogy notwithstanding.  As such, Man of Steel’s box office performance will now dictate whether or not The Justice League is given a final green light to begin production.

So, as in the comics, the weight of the world (at least as far as Warner Bros. is concerned) now rests on Supes’ shoulders.   Will he succeed?  Looks like we’ll find out on July 14, 2013.

What do you think of the Man of Steel news?

Source:  Total Film