House of Cards is almost here. It’s the new project from David Fincher (and the studio Media Rights Capital), which stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. It looks like the whole season will be made live this Friday, and we can’t wait to see if Netflix’s grand experiment works. Will we find a whole new way to look at television? All evidence suggests that the entire TV landscape is shifting in front of our eyes.

It used to be that a show would run for a full season (around 22 episodes), which meant that if a show got to a fifth season, it could enter syndication. The Brits never followed this model, but in America it was the dominant form. But then with HBO, and other Cable-based shows we’ve seen seasons of varying lengths, with shows like Breaking Bad splitting a sixteen episode season into two (really making it two eight episode pieces).

And no longer are there just fall premieres, they happen all over the calendar year, with some seasonal (like Justified, and other FX shows), and we’re seeing this have a big impact on network television. No longer are NBC, ABC, etc. just launching shows in the Fall and maybe having a replacement show or two if something tanks. This is parly because of Tivo/DVRing, where appointment television can be delayed until the viewer is ready/awake/drunk/etc. So how will that work for a show like House of Cards? We shall see when it turns up in homes in a couple of days. Here’s that trailer:

And this looks like a great role for Spacey, who spent a chunk of his post-Oscar wins trying to place nice guys and family men. Spacey’s a genius for playing manipulative a-holes, and this seems right up his alley. We’ll definitely give it a shot.

Are you in for House of Cards?