At this point we’re wondering if we’ll ever actually see another Wonder Woman television show. The possibility of there being one has fluttered in and out of development for years on end, set as nothing but a hopeful daydream. Earlier last year, The CW decided to change all of that when they began development on their own Wonder Woman prequel series Amazon, but thanks to the latest pilot season, we might not be able to see Diana on television at least for another year.

As pilot season made its rounds, The CW had Amazon and a large number of other projects waiting to be picked up. Unfortunately they passed on Amazon, but there’s a reason for that. Word has it that the original script, written by Allan Heinberg, wasn’t up to par with how they wanted to start off the series. So now Heinberg and The CW are back to the drawing board as they continue to tinker with what they hope one day will be a marvelous script for a cool new pilot.

Now we’re wondering if we’ll ever see Amazon or if The CW and company is just blowing smoke. Thankfully The CW is still very serious about bringing their version of the amazon princess to television, but we might not see her until the 2014-2015 season. If Heinberg is able to draft up a script that pleases everybody all around, we may get a pilot in the fall of this year. But we all know the biggest component of this whole television series working isn’t just the script, but the lead actress. There’s still no word as to who they’ll be settling on to play Diana but casting is taking their precious time in order to find the right woman. And let’s face it, the stakes for the lead actress to play Wonder Woman are cast very high ever since Lynda Carter played the amazon princess back in the mid to late seventies.

Who would you like to see play Wonder Woman in the Amazon pilot?

Source: Slashfilm