Parker is just another bland action movie, which is a shame considering the source material. Though it offers a couple of squeal-worthy action moments out of Jason Statham, aside from a couple moments, there just isn’t much else going on in the film.

The Players

The Plot:

Parker (Jason Statham) teams up with a group of criminals in order to pull off a simple heist at a town fair. Once they succeeded in robbing the place, the crooks take Parker’s share, beat him up and leave him for dead on the side of the road. Now Parker is craving vengeance as he goes on the hunt for those who did him wrong, and to retrieve the money he stole.

The Good:

  • (Most Of) The Cast: It’s always nice to see a good cast come together and be great at doing their job. Most of the characters in the film are painfully one-dimensional but they still give fine performances given what little substance their characters had on the script. All they had to do was either play the stereotypical, bad guy character or play it up as the good guys who have to get a little dirty in order to survive the day.

The Decent:

  • Hackford Behind The Camera: While we’re not given anything new to the action genre, director Taylor Hackford still succeeds at giving us a nicely shot movie. That’s pretty much it. Nothing in particular stands out when it comes to his directing style, and part of the blame should go to the blasé script. Hackford does the typical tight-shot, shaky cam action sequences we’re used to seeing in over a dozen action films within the past decade. Again, at least he did what he came to do and that’s effectively direct this picture.

The Bad:

  • Why Is She Here?: If you were to take Jennifer Lopez’s character out of the narrative entirely, Parker would still have gone from point A to point B. She’s not even the love interest! The character does nothing but whine and get into trouble. She’s the epitome of the stereotypical damsel in distress, except for the fact that her character shouldn’t exist in the movie whatsoever. Jennifer Lopez even manages to make the character worse as her lackluster performance makes you writhe in your seat, wishing that the scene is over and that we get back to more Jason Statham ass-kicking. We would’ve preferred Parker’s actual love interest having more screen time than Lopez’s character.
  • Obvious Town: The story is so detached from any sort of excitement, or care for the main character to succeed in his quest for vengeance, that it’d be embarrassing to associate this movie with its source material. It’s a lukewarm script at best with bland characters, a couple of moments worth of killer action but the story is just there. There’s nothing to it. It was difficult describing the plot because the film is so bland that you forget about the picture after a week.
  • Unnecessary Repetition: One of my pet peeves is seeing the same landscape, wide shots recycled throughout the movie. At least add in a little bit more variety when it comes to the shots, editor. Is that the only shot of Palm Beach you’ve got?


While Parker works during it’s few action sequences, it fails to be an engaging genre film and proves why it was dumped out in January.

The Rating:  3/10

Parker is out in theaters everywhere now.

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