Showtime’s Dexter has proven to be one of the most frustrating programs on modern television.  After showing incredible promise with its three highly entertaining first seasons, the show about a serial killer with a heart of gold took a turn for the worse in seasons four, five,  and six with inconsistent plotting, one-dimensional supporting characters, and endlessly obvious and unnecessary voiceover narration.   Then came season seven, which started strong, and then spectacularly crashed and burned.  With that, Showtime was all set to end the series with the upcoming season eight.  Except now they might not.

At the most recent TCA’s this year, David Nevins—Showtime’s president—would not definitively state that Dexter’s eighth season would be its last, even though it had already been announced as such.  Dexter is major support pylon in the overall ratings structure at Showtime, and Nevins may have revealed his hand when he stated that “Dexter to Showtime is what Batman is to Warner Brothers” when he was asked if Dexter would indeed be ending this year.

While we all try to figure out what Nevins meant, the show has picked up some new cast members for its (maybe) final season: Sean Patrick Flanery will play “the ex-cop owner of a private investigation company in Miami” (translation: here is another character that will begin to suspect Dexter and then be prevented from catching him by a hardly believable dues ex machina), and Charlotte Rampling will portray a psychiatrist that deals with young psychopaths.

So, will Showtime continue to grind a once-excellent show into the ground and continue to expand a now entirely exhausted storyline that should have wrapped up five seasons ago?  Tune in for the season premiere on June 30th to try and figure it out, assuming you have nothing better to do.

What do you think of the Dexter news?

Source:  The AV Club