It’s now twenty five years since we first met Bruce Willis‘ John McClane, the wise-cracking New York cop who single-handedly took down a faux-terrorist organization while barefoot. As the sequels went on, the stakes grew impossibly larger, and age didn’t seem to slow the character down in any way. For the fifth film, A Good Day to Die Hard, McClane is in Mother Russia, and maybe a little more vulnerable than normal in this clip.

Here we see McClane dealing with a language barrier as he gets into a car chase. And what’s notable here is that the stunts seem pretty practical, and that Willis isn’t doing anything that isn’t readily believable. Perhaps as the film goes on he decides to surf a harrier jet, or do something so over the top that it beggars belief, but so far so good.

Though it’s easy to focus on the practical effects and R rating (all of which are good signposts for the film), we’d also like a compelling story to go along with it. Perhaps it’s hard to find some reasonable way to get Willis in these situations  again (as he noted in the second film), but a strong plot would be a nice cherry on top. A Good Day to Die Hard opens February 14.

What’s your favorite Die Hard sequel?