In case you haven’t heard, one of the most definitively ‘80s films of all time is coming to IMAX 3D—Top Gun.  Yes, the movie that wedged machismo, the music of Kenny Loggins, over the top and near-thoughtless jingoism, bromances, and oddly chummy volleyball games all together in one slick and flashy mash is coming to IMAX 3D in February.  Want a trailer for it?  Sure you do.

The film’s IMAX 3D release is set to coincide with and promote the film’s official Blu-Ray release date on February 19.  Top Gun will run in a limited engagement from February 8th to the 13th.  Here’s that trailer.  Let it take your breath away:

The 1986 film—directed by Ridley Scott and starring Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, and Anthony Edwards—features Cruise as a pilot training for a hotshot Navy program for the Fighter Weapons School.  Along the way, he’ll deal with some daddy issues, dead best friends, a little bit of romance, rivalries, and ton of embarrassing ‘80s music.

So, will you be seeing Top Gun in IMAX 3D?  It’s just in time for Valentine’s Day, and nothing says Valentine’s Day like watching Top Gun on a gargantuan screen in 3D, right?

Will you be seeing Top Gun IMAX 3D in February?

Source: Coming Soon