We knew that the name of the director of the next Star Wars film would be coming shortly, but there were certain directors that seemed off the table. It turns out that one of those directors is who they’re going with. Star Trek helmer J.J. Abrams has now signed on to direct Episode 7.

This comes from The Wrap and has been confirmed by other sources that it’s a done deal. That would put Abrams behind the two biggest science fiction franchises ever. Which makes this so very weird. Also weird is that he just directed Star Trek into Darkness for Paramount, which has been his home cinematically since Mission: Impossible III. Reports also suggest that Ben Affleck was in the running and pretty close.

It’s hard to process this news. It’s unexpected, but also what Abrams did with the Star Trek universe was make it more like Star Wars. Does this mean he’s going to make Star Wars slightly more science-y? Does this also mean that he’s completely abandoned Star Trek? Paramount must have given him a lot of wiggle room, and he was supposedly uninterested in directing the Star Trek sequel, so what gives? This is a big coup for the director, but as Star Wars fans it doesn’t elevate our excitement about the new project that much. We’ve seen him do this before. But we guess we’ll see him do it again in 2015.

Was Abrams your first choice?