Parks and Recreation mixes up trash, basketball and Ron attempting to babysit in the latest episode, “Women in Garbage.”

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The Players:

Episode Title: “Women in Garbage”

Leslie and April work as trash collectors to prove a point about gender in city government. Meanwhile, Ron has his hands full while he babysits Diane’s kids.

The Good:

  • REM: Tom texted Ben that Michael Stipe was in the office to make sure he showed up. Ben had to know Stipe wasn’t really going to be there, but that he still raced over (casually/intensely looking around) just to be sure, is so classic. And love that he said he had to check because he couldn’t live with himself if it were actually true.
  • Chris: A “beautiful man,” for sure, and also has the bad luck of dating someone from the Old Media. He also is not hip to the whole ‘group hang’ thing the young kids do these days.
  • Ann Perkins/Hansen: Worked great with Ron in the babysitting plot, and she was funny start to finish.
  • Ron Swanson: Ron tasked with looking after Diane’s kids is a no-brainier plot, but he and Ann (to the rescue!) made it work. Love little girl Zoe’s “You’re weird” line to Ann.
  • Andy: His enthusiasm during he group’s time with the Colts players was fun to see. It was great when told to QB Andrew Luck to keep a tight spiral before he threw him a touchdown pass.
  • Best Moment: Ron downing shots of whiskey with kids stickers all over his face. And! Jerry gets the super-fast “no” from the little girl when he walks into the office to play.
  • Best Line: April: “Please say a head.”
  • Best Line II: Tom: “Did I do basketball?”
  • Best Line III: Ron: “I love nothing!”

The Bad:

  • The Cold Open: Was just so-so. There, something negative was just written about the latest episode, which was overall pretty excellent.
  • Andy: Here’s another thing – did he get a haircut? Did not like.


Solid as a rock (hat tip: Ashford and Simpson!) is “Women in Garbage,” a definite highlight of season 5 for Parks and Rec. Everyone was on their A-game, even if a few characters, such as Donna and Jerry, were only in action briefly. Each of the three plots delivered laughs, lots of laughs. April was brilliant.


Rating: 8/10

Parks and Recreation airs on NBC at 8:30 pm (ET/PT) on Thursday nights.

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