For the past couple of weeks we’ve been littered with news about a number of awards shows, but this may be the first week where we get a moment to breathe, despite the ongoing awards madness. As we prepare ourselves for another month’s worth of craziness, we’d like to update you on the latest awards chatter and where you could go to see the Oscar nominated animated and live-action short films in this week’s Oscar Scuttlebutt.

First, let’s talk about Adele being able to perform her Oscar nominated song “Skyfall” at this year’s Oscars. For the past few years the Academy has been royally screwing up the live performances for Best Original Song. This would normally be that one part of the showcase where performers show off their pipes while some of us watching at home make our way to the bathroom. The last couple of years have been mighty unimpressive when it comes to the performances between Amy Adams singing on an empty stage to the mess of Slumdog Millionaire songs intertwined with Wall-E‘s Oscar nominated song “Down to Earth.” So when they decided to nix the whole performance last year, it wasn’t that much of a loss. We’re just hoping that they decide to make more of a well-done show out of it when Adele comes up to sing “Skyfall.” We don’t want her to be on stage by herself. Decorate it a bit Academy, we know you’ve got the money to do so.

Before they made the announcement for this year’s Oscar nominees, there were a number of us (mainly myself) who were curious to find out the statistics of people who voted for said nominees. There were reports a few days before the nominations deadline that the system was screwing up, so we were wondering how many people were able to cast their votes. Apparently voting was greater this year than in years past. This probably surprises some people who thought that a good chunk of the Academy voters weren’t computer savvy. They’re still giving those a chance to revert back to paper, as the Academy reveals that they’re giving those who voted electronically the first time around a chance to cast out their ballots on paper on the potential winners.

If you’re one of those who doesn’t live in a metropolitan town and wants to check out the nominees for best live-action and animated short films, you’re in luck. This year they’ve expanded their showings not only to Los Angeles and New York, but pretty much all cities across the U.S. Check out the official website here to find out when and where the shorts showcase will be playing near you.

Now onto the SAG Awards. We know that we’re still a couple of days away until we find out which actors will win the prestigious awards, but it’s always fun to throw some of your own predictions into the ring. It’ll probably result in another awards win for Daniel Day-Lewis, but Jennifer Lawrence could easily snag the best actress award away from Jessica Chastain. Lawrence already won at this year’s Golden Globes, who’s to say she won’t win again. And here’s hoping that Javier Bardem wins best supporting actor for his underrated work in Skyfall. Then again, he’s going up against Philip Seymour Hoffman who’s just as amazing in The Master. This is too difficult to choose from. Surely the SAG Awards voters have made the right choice in their winners when we find it out this Sunday. If you want to read who’s nominated for what, go and check out the list here.

Who’s your Oscar horse this year?