How I Met Your Mother is batting a thousand this year—so far. “Ring Up” saw our newly betrothed couple wrestling with reality now that they’ve made a commitment. The writers also reignited our love of something that’s been gone far too long.  Trust us, you won’t want to miss reconnecting with a certain someone. 

The Players:

Episode Title: “Ring Up”

As Robin struggles with the power of her ring’s bling, Barney tries to convince Ted to date a younger girl he has nothing in common with.

The Good:

  • The Hero’s Cuff: Ignoring Ted’s heroic feat just to poke fun at his newest accessory was a perfect opening scene.  Especially when it ended with everyone scrambling to get a look as his younger paramour. The gang reacted appropriately. Learning your friend is dating someone who finds roller skating to a flash mob appropriate is like watching a lion get fed at the zoo. You know how it’s going to end but you watch anyway.
  • Hold That Groan: Even before Barney begged Ted to continue his tryst, it felt like Ted had taken on a few Barnacle-like qualities? Playing on the ignorance of a tasty young morsel, he created a ludicrous backstory to clinch the deal. That’s classic Stinson 101. Making Colonel Teddy’s slice Barney’s half-sister was just the icing on the karma cake. If that goofy hat and subsequent hot girl excuse are any indication, you can look forward to Ted downing a few more kimchi cupcakes, all in the name of chasing tail.
  • Wrist Game Proper: It’s no wonder the show couldn’t go on without Jason Segel. Marshall and Lily can make magic out of anything. Have we seen them rip each other’s clothes off before? Only a million times, but they make it seem fresh and new with a leather wrist cuff and a pair of mom jeans.
  • Detox: Adjusting to the beginning of the end of your single life is rough—especially when you’re Robin and Barney.  They wrestled with their new realities and rightfully so. But realizing they’ve found a partner who values a lube dispensing headboard as much as they do is the stuff of le—wait for it—gend. The stuff of legend.

The Quotable:

  • “Barney, you don’t start with the ‘I got caught cheating diamond’, you give yourself room to grow.” –Lily
  • “Yeah, I got a few dirty looks from Barney’s half-sister over Christmas so I had to sit her down and explain very respectfully, that she can suck it.” –Robin
  • “I need you to proxy bang this girl for me. Be my stand in and put your gland in.” –Barney


“Ring Up” managed to give all the central characters a reasonable amount of screen time—while making us slightly interested in Ted again. It was Ted, not the quest to see The Mother, which held our attention for the first time in a while. The rest of the cast is beloved, but Teddy Westside has been living in the shadows for far too long.

Rating: 10/10

How I Met Your Mother airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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