David Fincher has been known to attach himself to projects, so it’s hard to know what to make of today’s news. Fincher is currently in talks to helm an adaptation of Gone Girl for Twentieth Century Fox. Which means it may not happen, but it could.

There are a couple of interesting elements of this decision if it does move forward. Fincher currently has two projects he’s been connected to: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo sequel The Girl Who Played with Fire and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. With the latter Fincher was put on hold for three months, three months that are up now. Which suggests that the project is dead, though the Variety story where this news originated from suggests that he could still make it. But doesn’t that seem unlikely?

The other fascinating aspect of this story is that David Fincher has directed two films previously for Fox, Alien 3 and Fight Club. His experience with Alien 3 is well documented on the DVD and Blu-ray box sets that show a troubled production where the young director was overwhelmed with a release date and other problems. Fight Club didn’t do all that well on release, but achieved cult status through the DVD release, which eventually made the film a success. At the time, the CEO of 20th Century Fox was Bill Mechanic (who was let go partly because Fight Club underperformed), but he was replaced by Tom Rothman who ran Fox’s film division from 2000-2012. Perhaps now that Rothman’s out, Fincher would be happy to return to the studio.

Gone Girl is based on the best selling novel by Gillian Flynn that is the story of a woman who goes missing after her fifth wedding anniversary. Currently Reese Witherspoon is an executive on the project. We’ll keep you up to date if this comes to pass.

What do you think Fincher will do next?