Girls has returned more fearless than ever. Lena Dunham promised that if you didn’t like the first season, you were definitely going to hate the second one. And now we’re beginning to see why. The sex is more raw (like we said in last week’s episode), but the characters also seem to be more self-involved than ever–in “I Get Ideas,” Hannah is delusional about her non-relationship with Adam and her physical attractiveness.

The Players:

Episode Title: “I Get Ideas”

Hannah’s unnerved by Adam’s creepy songs that he posted on the Web, and is annoyed by Sandy’s critique of her essay. Meanwhile, Marnie considers a new career path, and Elijah confesses his infidelity to George. Jessa gets an awesome gift from her loving husband.

The Good:

  • Opening: In the opening, Elijah comes clean about having sex with Marnie. George is furious, but not because he cheated. “I don’t want to be with anyone who’s confused,” he says, “or bi.” George is angry because Elijah had sex with a woman. And that breakup scene, dear readers, is one of the funniest ever.
  • Gay Issues: Elijah and Sandy have some issues with each other. Elijah is a gay man, for one, and Sandy is a Republican who supports gun rights and rejects gay rights. There’s some tension between them, which should probably be taken seriously since these are real-life issues that two political parties debate about all of the time, but the little quarrels are funny thanks to Andrew Rannells and Donald Glover‘s comedic skills. These are two very funny actors.
  • Pretty Person Job: Shoshanna hooks Marnie up with a job as a hostess, a.k.a. a pretty person job. Ray and Shosh butter her up, telling her that she could totally do a PPJ because she’s gorgeous. Marnie is heartbroken by this because she really saw herself in the art world, but ends up taking the job. Hannah gets jealous of Marnie and puts her down for taking a job that cashes in on her sexuality. Jealousy aside, we’re excited for this new job. This opens up a bunch of new possibilities. We’re rooting for Marnie 2.0.
  • Puppies!: There were puppies in this episode. Puppies! It was already a very good episode, but the puppies took it to the next level. Take note, showrunners!

Best Lines:

  • “I know I said he was murdery in a sexy way, but what if he’s murdery in a murder way?” –Hannah
  • “Absolutely, you are  very pretty. I’m personally not attracted to you at all, because I know you, but I can respect and recognize.” –Ray
  • “What’s wrong with a Republican? It’s just the same as a democrat, they’re all dirtbags.” –Jessa

The So-So:

  • Hannah Horvath Calls The Popo: Hannah is beginning to seem more delusional than ever. Dunham has made the character funnier. But she’s less of a real person and more like a giant, walking joke. Things seem to be going great with Republican Sandy, but all of that comes to a halt when Jessa suggests that maybe Sandy isn’t supporting Hannah creatively (since it’s been three days and he hasn’t read her essay). Hannah, being who she is, tells Sandy this, and he comes clean: he did read her essay but he didn’t like it. “Nothing happens in it,” he tells her. Obviously no one told him you’re not suppose to tell a delusional writer these things, because Hanna blows up. She doesn’t swallow his criticism. Instead she starts a whole conversation about gay issues, gun laws and minorities on death row. And then she breaks up with Sandy, but not before she offers to have sex with him one last time. Later, Adam shows up at her apartment and this is where Hannah’s horribleness and craziness becomes more transparent. She calls the police, not because she thinks Adam will hurt her, but because she WANTS to think that Adam cares enough about her to hurt her. So she calls the police and hangs up, but they show up anyway. Hannah tries to turn them away, embarrassed that she even called them. But the police gets Adam’s name and discovers that he’s wanted for two unpaid tickets and public urination. As they take him away, Hannah is screaming, “Sorry!” but we don’t buy any of it. Hannah said in season one that she lives for the story. She’s not sorry she called the police at all. She’s probably already thinking of the title of her next essay – “The Time I Dialed And Click The Popo.”


Last night’s episode of Girls was among the best. There were a handful of funny scenes, and everyone got their shot to shine. This is what we like. We like seeing how everyone is doing, not just catching glimpses of them.

Rating: 9/10

Girls airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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