It’s easy to note that Jessica Chastain stars in the top two grossing films of this weekend (Mama and Zero Dark Thirty), but it’s not like audiences were like “Man, that Jessica Chastain was great in that Osama Bin Laden movie, maybe we should see her in some horror film.” In fact, most audiences probably don’t even know who she is yet. Still. top two films.

Film Weekend Per Screen
1 Mama $28,123,000 $10,624 $28,123,000
2 Zero Dark Thirty $17,600,000 (-28.0%) $5,974 $55,945,000
3 Silver Linings Playbook $11,351,000 (+126.2%) $4,499 $55,310,000
4 Gangster Squad $9,110,000 (-46.6%) $2,936 $32,220,000
5 Broken City $9,000,000
$3,435 $9,000,000
6 A Haunted House $8,330,000 (-54.0%) $3,856 $29,980,000
7 Django Unchained $8,243,000 (-25.3%) $3,276 $138,362,000
8 Les Miserables $7,814,000 (-19.0%) $3,030 $130,372,000
9 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey $6,405,000 (-30.1%) $2,757 $287,395,000
10 The Last Stand $6,300,000 $2,163 $6,300,000

What an interesting spectrum. On one hand Mama looks to turn a profit shortly (or by week’s end) and should make $60 million or so based on – what? – good advertising? Actually being scary? My point is that though Jessica Chastain is one of the most promising actresses of her generation, I don’t think that many of her fans went to see the horror movie. Then at the bottom of the list is The Last Stand, which was Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s return to the big screen after some cameos and a governorship. Audiences clearly didn’t care.

Even without a dominating Oscar presence, Zero Dark Thirty is playing strong. A hundred million is likely a bridge too far, but it could keep playing through award season and if not get over, get close to a nine digit domestic cume. And Silver Linings should get over a hundred if it levels off. The film has been a limited engagement until this weekend, so as long as audiences are as thrilled as the Academy it could play for a while.

Broken City is an ouch. It’s possible that it split the male action audience with The Last Stand, or maybe it just felt like a misfire January release. The Hobbit is closing in on $300 Million, which it will make, and which Skyfall passed this weekend. Django and Les Mis are holding okay, but the big problem is that the next couple of weeks offer a flood of crap movies. Which means that Texas Chainsaw should be leaving most theaters by Thursday (if it hasn’t gone already), but also that Oscar pictures like those above and Lincoln have to fight to keep their screens. The early months are packed now with a lot of wide release of terrible looking movies.

Reality Check: I always think new pictures are going to open. I though Mark Wahlberg was enough. Clearly he isn’t. I thought people might be excited about the return of Arnold. Clearly they weren’t.

What did you watch this weekend?