Get on-demand Hot Cocoa Saturday and Sunday morning (the 19th and 20th) at Sundance! That’s right, the on demand car service Uber is offering an on-demand gourmet hot cocoa service! Tomorrow morning, while you’re waiting in line for tickets in 10 degree weather, access #UberCocoa via the Uber app and they’ll deliver your hot drinks directly from The Riverhorse on Main (a Forbes 4 Star/ DiRōNA Award winning restaurant)….

Here’s how it works: download the Uber app for your iPhone or Android.  Give it a tap the instant you need a ride, and a warm SUV will be cutting through the cold to give you a ride to your destination.  And since your card information is saved on the app, you won’t be forced to pass around any credit cards, either.

And as an added bonus,Uber will even throw in a pair of touch screen gloves per order to keep your iPhone-needy fingers from getting frozen. Not bad, right?  Check out the details:

  • Select the Hot Cocoa option at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Set your location and tap Set Delivery Location.
  • You’ll receive an alert and #UberCocoa will arrive.
  • #UberCocoa will be available in Park City only.
  • Dates for #UberCocoa will be available Saturday morning (1/19) and Sunday morning (1/20) starting at 7am. **in addition to other select times**
  • Make sure you take photos and tweet love to @Uber_Sundance #UberCocoa!

And if you’re looking for a ride, the shuttle isn’t showing up, taxis are no where to be found, or you just want to look cool showing up to a party in a fancy car with a driver, Uber! It’s a private driving service that provides SUVs that can pick you up in minutes via your iPhone or Android.

It’s the best way to stay warm (and on time) during the busy fest!

Will you be using Uber at Sundance 2013?