For the past few days everybody under the moon has been giving their own opinion on the huge controversy surrounding former seven time Tour de France cyclist winner, Lance Armstrong. We all know that he was banned from doing any form of professional cycling ever again and was stripped of his awards merely just a few months ago. The guy’s been pulled through the mud, and we’ve all witnessed it happen in the media for the past couple of years. Well, expect for it to continue a bit longer as J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot look to make a film off of the former professional cyclist’s fall from grace.

The Lance Armstrong film is said to be based off the books Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong, written by sports reporter Juliet Macur. It chronicles the high points of his life, from when he won the Tour de France several times and beating cancer, to when the drug accusations resulted in the investigation that ultimately brought him down. It was just only recent when Armstrong came out on an interview with Oprah, confessing that he did use performance enhancing drugs in order to further his career. Many people didn’t care much for how the interview was conducted, but she got his confession out there.

This picture is still very much in development, so don’t expect any further movement for some time. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this isn’t the first movie about Lance Armstrong that’s been made, but that one died a long time ago. Either way, it’s not a good time to be Lance Armstrong.

Do you want to see a movie on the rise & fall of Lance Armstrong?

Source: Cinema Blend