The trailer for the farmland drama At Any Price start familiar as the tale of a father (Dennis Quaid) and son (Zac Efron) who are at a crossroads. And the trailer continues on with some very familiar material, but perhaps how it’s staged or the number of quotes make it start to look like more than the sum of its pieces.

That said, it does look a little creaky. Quaid buys land from farmers to expand, while his son wants to be a race car driver. Quaid is happily married but is having an affair and has some shady business dealings, while Efron is the hot stud of the race car circuit, so he gets the attention of an older woman (Heather Graham) who takes him away from his hometown girlfriend. The film played some festivals in 2012, including the Toronto International Film Festival, but won’t be released theatrically until April 26, 2013. Here’s that trailer:

And if we’re excited at all it’s because of director Ramin Bahrani, who directed the 2007 film Chop Shop — which was championed by Roger Ebert. This is his big studio movie, and though it has the feel of the dramas of a generation ago, what with its concern about the farm, and all that, it doesn’t mean there isn’t truth in it. Here’s hoping.

Do you think Zac Efron has what it takes to be a big screen idol?