James Bond is one of the most universally beloved fictional spies ever to be shown on the big screen. As we hit the fifty year anniversary mark, Sky Atlantic and BBC America are hard at work creating Fleming, a British TV miniseries centered on Ian Fleming, the man held responsible for making the character James Bond. We’re just happy over the fact that Dominic Cooper will be playing the icon.

Fleming is said to center around the James Bond creator during his earlier years as he transitioned from a wealthy young man to an intelligence agent for the Royal Navy during World War II. After the war, he began to write his famous novels that included the deadly spy 007. Having Dominic Cooper on board to play Ian Fleming sounds like a fun challenge for the actor. We’re just happy that he gets to show off his cool acting skills in a real-life character such as this.

If you’re familiar with James Bond creator Ian Fleming’s past, you’d realize that he is in some ways the inspiration for making the character into the suave, intelligent womanizer that he is. At the same time you figure if they’ll be showing off those aspects of Fleming in the miniseries then, in some ways, Cooper will be playing his own incarnation of James Bond. We can only imagine that once the miniseries gets going that plenty of James Bond fans will be daydreaming about the actor one day playing 007, but they might be already doing that now. He definitely wouldn’t be a bad choice. We’d be down with it.

Do you think Dominic Cooper is a good choice to play Ian Fleming?

Source: Slashfilm