American Horror Story has one episode left and there’s no telling how it all ends. Last night, “Continuum” took us two years into the future to 1969, when the horrors of Briarcliff are done for some (Lana), but  getting worse for others (Sister Jude).

The Players:

  • Director: Craig Zisk
  • Writer: Ryan Murphy
  • Cast: Zachary Quinto, Joseph Fiennes, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Lizzie Brocheré, Jessica Lange

Episode Title: “Continuum”

It’s two years later, the major players are still grappling with their time at Briarcliff. Kit’s recovering from a tragedy involving Grace and Alma (more on that below), Lana’s a big success after penning a tell-all about her experiences, yet she still hasn’t exposed the asylum. Meanwhile, Sister Jude’s losing her mind more and more every day.

The Good:

  • Lana’s Success: We’ve all been rooting for Lana Winters since day one. Now, in 1969, she’s a successful author, having written a best-seller about her plight. Unfortunately, she’s left out some key details – like her relationship with Wendy and the truth about Briarcliff. She’s haunted by her lies in the form of hallucinations during a reading from her book. One criticism comes to life when Kit approaches her at a signing with a demand: Sister Jude is alive and she must use her position to get the truth out.
  • Hey, Jude: Sister Jude is still a patient at Briarcliff in 1969. Of course, she’s under the impression it’s 1967 and that Monsignor Timothy is lobbying for her release. She believes that only a week has passed since he made that promise, rather than years. Her crazy just keeps increasing.
  • Johnny’s Got a Gun: In the present, Baby Bloody Face is out to solve his mommy issues once and for all. His plan is very simple, very Terminator-esque. Armed with a copy of Lana’s book and a raging vendetta, he sets out to find her (she must be ancient by now) and shoot her in the head.

The So-So:

  • The Aliens Will Never, Ever Make Sense: Were the aliens even real? At this point, their plot has all but dried up. Kit’s major trauma is that they ruined his bizarre little family. When he and Grace arrived home to find Alma and yet another child, they decided to work as one happy, Big Love unit. Unfortunately, Kit’s ladies have vastly different opinions about their time with the guys from space. Grace can’t stop talking about it and Alma just wants to forget. Eventually, Kit asks Grace to tone down the alien talk, which is upsetting Alma. Alma makes sure she won’t talk about them anymore by murdering her with an ax, earning a one-way ticket to Briarcliff.


While the Lana/Johnny plot is heating up, other stories are sputtering out. Sister Jude is spiraling into her own insanity, losing the spunk that made us love her in the beginning and Kit has lost it all – without any clear explanation of the aliens. If AHS pulls it all together next week, we’ll be impressed.

Rating: 7/10

American Horror Story: Asylum airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

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