Between 1964 and 1986, Richard Kuklinski killed at least 100 people as a professional contract killer for the mob.  He even gained a nickname, Iceman, because he would experiment with freezing the corpses of his victims to try and disguise their times of death.  In addition to this loveliness, he was apparently a dedicated and loving family man.  And who better to play such a charming fellow that Michael Shannon, who excels at off-kilter cinematic nutjobs, in the film The Iceman?

The film already received the trailer treatment last August, but now, as we inch ever closer to its May 3, 2013 release date, it’s getting a new one.  There are a few new scenes, but you get the same message out of it—Ray Liotta lures Shannon into the mob as a contract killer, allowing Shannon to bring home the bacon for his wife Winona Ryder.  He eventually starts killing on the side with Chris Evans, Liotta gets pissed, and all hell breaks loose.  Oh, and James Franco gets shot, which is reason enough to see any film:

The film was directed by Ariel Vromen.  Reviews from the Venice Film Festival were mixed, but Shannon and Vromen have continually received high praise.

Will you be seeing The Iceman?