Sundance is about to begin again, the yearly event that showcases the best independent (and “independent”) films that will be hitting theaters and possibly become awards contenders. The biggest film to emerge out of Sundance last year was best picture nominee Beasts of the Southern Wild, which is currently up for a number of Oscars. Mark Webber‘s End of Love also came out of 2012′s Sundance, and its fate is that it’s about to hit Video On Demand, and will have a limited theatrical run.

And it speaks to the changing ways of Sundance. It used to be that you might hit the Harvey Weinstein jackpot, which meant intense bidding wars and a big payout (though sometimes the films that got bid up would fizzle out by the time they hit theaters), or you’d disappear entirely. Now films are more likely to find distribution at some point, and now that VOD is a viable option, more low budget/indie films are readily available to the public. Here’s the trailer:

As you may notice, we liked the film. Last year both Mali Elfman and Christie Ko reviewed the film and gave it positive reviews, though both felt that the film was minor. Perhaps what will garner the film attention is its cast. Mark Webber has been acting in mainstream movies for over a decade, and the film also features one time “it” girl Shannyn Sossamon, Les Mis star  Amanda Seyfried, and Webber’s Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World co-stars Michael Cera and Aubrey Plaza. End of Love hits VOD January 29, with a limited theatrical run starting March 1.

Do you have a favorite Sundance film?