When Lucasfilm was bought by Disney, the first thing announced was a new Star Wars movie that would be a follow up to the six films that had come previous. But Disney mentioned that they hoped to expand the brand, and the latest development is that Zack Snyder may have been hired to make his own non-sequel Star Wars movie.

As we’ve learned from Vulture, Snyder wants to do his riff on Akira Kurosawa‘s Seven Samurai by using that narrative as his basis for a Star Wars story. Of course, he wouldn’t be the first to put Seven Samurai in space as the film Battle Beyond the Stars – which was written by John Sayles – did just that (and did it to capitalize on the success of Star Wars, which was based partly on Kurosawa’s The Hidden Fortress). It is unknown if this would take place before, during or after the events that have already been filmed.

Disney has talked about doing a spin-off movie before, so that Snyder’s attached to doing this is no surprise, though one wonders why he wasn’t locked in to a Man of Steel sequel. Perhaps with 2015′s Justice League the next planned Superman film, he’s got a window. But this spin-off film suggests that with a TV show rumored, with Episode 7 coming, and with Snyder and others working on Star Wars related material, there will be no escaping the force for the next decade.

Is a flood of Star Wars good or bad?