Last night, Girls made a triumphant return to television. At the 70th Annual Golden GlobesLena Dunham beat veteran comediennes Tina Fey and Amy Poehler for Best Actress in a TV Comedy or Musical. Plus, it was awarded Best Comedy Series over more popular shows like Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory. But besides that, Girls delivered the goods in its season two premiere, “It’s About Time.” There was more nudity, sex, drama, and a sizable dose of awkwardness. Like duh!

The Players:

Episode Title: “It’s About Time”

Hannah now lives with her gay ex-boyfriend Elijah. She’s got a hot new boy-toy (played by Community‘s Donald Glover) who she loves to have sex with. Yet she’s still spending time with Adam, who’s suffering from a broken leg after that truck ran him over (in last season’s finale). Hannah and Elijah throw a party where Shoshanna does her best to avoid Ray, and Marnie swoons over Charlie. Also, Jessa returns from her honeymoon with Thomas.

The Good:

  • Hannah’s New Rules: Hannah and Adam are no longer a couple, but they’re still hanging out. She feels responsible for his leg injury, so she keeps him company, fetches water when he’s thirsty and provides bowls for him to pee in. However, she’s already seeing another guy named Sandy (Glover), who’s pressuring her to tell Adam about their relationship. Hannah seems to really like Sandy, but is cautious. We’re guessing she doesn’t want another guy to treat her heart like monkey meat. She sets new rules for herself. She promises Sandy that she won’t be dropping in on him in the middle of the night (like she used to with Adam). She also doesn’t want to hear the word “love” ever. Later, of course, she breaks one of her rules by showing up at Sandy’s to “borrow The Fountainhead,” but really gets naked and jumps into his bed.
  • Disastrous Party: Hannah and Elijah throw a party and invite a bunch of people over for a night of terrible karaoke, awkward conversations and confrontations. It’s a total disaster, but also very enlightening. We see that Shoshanna and Ray aren’t a couple (something about Emojicons). Elijah’s boyfriend thinks kids from Generation Y are boring because they don’t do cocaine. And Charlie has once again become the overbearing boyfriend in his new relationship (with Audrey). We can’t wait for Hannah and Elijah’s next theme party – Gertrude Stein/Lesbian Night.
  • Raw and Awkward Sex-Scenes: We knew this episode was going to be filled with tons of nudity  before the GIRLS title card appeared on screen. What took us by surprise though, was that Dunham didn’t have the most outrageous sex-scene. After everyone leaves the party, Elijah and Marnie are left singing to Sarah McLachlan. Then, somehow, they start making out and sort of have sex. Marnie isn’t totally drunk by the way. She’s lonely and that’s why she opts to have sex with Elijah. (We love the way she stops herself before going for it, and then just says, “F-ck it,” and proceeds to take off her dress.) This is the kind of sex we’re in for this season. BRING IT ON!

Best Lines:

  • “Well when you love someone, you don’t have to be nice all the time.” –Adam
  • “I may be deflowered, but I am not devalued.” –Shoshanna
  • “I can never be a gay man. I hate giving blow jobs and having anal sex… I assume.” –Marnie

The Bad:

  • Cartoonish Rita Wilson: Marnie’s mom isn’t what we expected her to be. Taking on the role is actress Rita Wilson, who actually shares a resemblance to her onscreen daughter. But did it bother anyone else that Marnie’s mom was too open about her sex life? It wasn’t just her that came off as cartoonish and horny. Marnie’s former boss (also an older lady) rubbed us the wrong way as well. Coincidence? Honest mistake on the writers’ part? Or revenge of the 20-something girls? You decide.


Dunham’s said that if you hated the first season, you’re going to loathe the next. So far, we appreciate the honesty of this first episode. We like that she added some diversity to the show (though we know that’s mainly to appease the critics), and can’t wait to see where this new relationship goes. Marnie’s life is falling apart and it’ll be interesting to see how she makes things work now that she doesn’t have a job or a boyfriend. Shoshanna has added a lot more “likes” to her speech, but she’s still fun to watch. And we didn’t get to see much of Jessa, but we’ll take the brief clip of her making-out with Chris O’Dowd in the back of a cab.

Rating: 7/10

Girls airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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