The MPAA has slapped A Good Day To Die Hard with an R rating, thus restoring our faith in humanity. Now get ready for a blood soaked, f-bomb ridden action blowout. This, of course, doesn’t mean the movie will be any good, but it should put fans a little more at ease to hear that Bruce Willis had the liberty to curse whenever he pleased.

The previous film Live Free Or Die Hard was only rated PG-13 and lacked the tone of the original three. It was heavily edited to censor the profanity (and Willis was very upset at the rating it got in 2007). The first three films were very bloody and curse word ridden, and he wanted the fourth film to have that same vibe. But the studio wanted to appeal to a broader audience, and make some more money. This next sucker will be returning to that original tone, where Willis doesn’t have to worry about his “f*cks” being censored. This ought to make some people very happy… except 16-year-old boys.

After all John McClane is not really an audience-friendly character, and trying to make him one was a mistake. Thankfully that won’t be an issue this time around (though the movie might still suck).

In the new film John McClane heads to Russia, where his estranged son has got himself mixed up with European terrorists. The film is directed by John Moore, and stars Willis, Jai Coutney and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. The film opens on February 14, 2013.

And here’s the TV ad that confirms the R-rating:

Are you more inclined to see Die Hard 5 now that it’s rated R?

Source: A.V. Club, Collider