It’s possible that if Gangster Squad had been released as scheduled, it might have been released on DVD and Blu-ray this week. Originally scheduled for a September release, the film was moved to January to do reshoots to avoid similarities to a theater shooting. Unfortunately, gun violence is everywhere these days (at least it seems), so the film is catching no breaks. Especially since it’s going up against the expansion run of Zero Dark Thirty.

Then again, being released in either September or January doesn’t suggest that Warner Brothers thought they had a winner on their hands, as those are usually considered the weakest times of the year. And though Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are names, they don’t necessarily have a following. Considering the film is being met with meh reviews, perhaps there was never going to be a right time for the film. Expect the film to do okay business, mid teens, and then fade from memory.

It’s going up against the expansion run of Zero Dark Thirty, which would have been bolstered by a stronger presence at the Oscars. Though it is a best picture nominee – and the subject of much discussion – without a nomination for Kathryn Bigelow it no longer feels like a strong contender for best picture. Still, it should do great this weekend. Enough to take the top slot.

Also opening is A Haunted House. I think we’re all best off pretending that film doesn’t exist. That said, this could surprise as Texas Chainsaw 3D did last weekend. Right time, right place has helped many films like this. The big surprise might be how well Lincoln and Life of Pi do now that they lead the Oscar pack with nominations.

So, let’s trot out some numbers:

  1. Zero Dark Thirty - $19.5 Million
  2. Gangster Squad – $15 Million
  3. Django Unchained – $14.7 Million
  4. A Haunted House – $13.5 Million
  5. The Hobbit – $10.5 Million

This weekend should make Django Quentin Tarantino‘s highest grossing picture ever. Other than that, well, it’s January. Films may open, but we’re looking at end of the year leftovers and uninteresting films for the next couple of weeks.

What are you going to watch this weekend?