Ever wonder what Robert Redford thinks about the Sundance Film Festival’s 2013 competitors and the future of independent film? Well, this year you can live-stream the Sundance Day-One Press Conference and get the pre-festival run down from the head honchos themselves (founder and President of Sundance Institute Robert Redford, Sundance Institute Executive Director Keri Putnam, and Sundance Film Festival Director John Cooper). Read on after the jump for more info.

Sundance Film Festival Day-One Press Conference details:

What it involves:

The press conference will include a panel moderated by Sean P. Means, film critic and columnist for Salt Lake Tribune. Panelists Redford, Putnam, and Cooper will discuss the upcoming festival, the current state of the Sundance Institute, and then take questions from the media. In years past, they have tackled major topics like the overall vision for the Sundance Institute, the importance of independent film, and industry trends. They’ve also covered more logistical developments of the festival, like the number of theaters participating and seats available; details that seem minuscule, but have major repercussions for the festival.

Why it’s important:

Each year’s set of films brings with it a new collection of challenges, goals, and themes. The Day-One Press Conference is a great opportunity to get a sense of the festival’s 30,000 foot outlook. The fact that this event is being live-streamed is a milestone for the festival because it allows access to a part of the conversation that had up to this point been limited to the media.

So if you’ve always wondered how the media sausage is made, are interested in independent film and film festivals, or are just a big Robert Redford fan, be sure to check it out.

Will you be watching the press conference?