While the upcoming Netflix-only season four of Arrested Development is busy being hungrily anticipated by fans of the show (which was cancelled by Fox after its third season in 2006), the brilliant sitcom’s creator, Mitch Hurwitz, dropped something of a bomb on fans yesterday: the fourth season will not, repeat, will not feature a reunion of the Arrested Development cast.

Curious how that works?  Well, the 14-episode fourth season is designed to serve as a “first act” to the upcoming Arrested Development feature film, with each episode following a specific character from the final episode of season three up until present day, which will lead into the film.  And, as each episode will concern itself with only one character, “you don’t see them all together until you see the movie,” Hurwitz asserts.

That comes as something of a shock, as fans of the show have come to expect dense, multilayered storylines featuring an overabundance of characters woven into each singular episode of the series.  However, Hurwitz has stated that these episodes will have a “very different rhythm” from the first three seasons, so fans should expect something a little different than before.  Which is all well and good—just as long as they eventually air, we’ll be happy.

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Source: The AV Club